Okay so I’ve been reading a lot of new books this year, and they have all been absolutely amazing! Here are some of my favorites…..

The witch and wizard series by James Patterson- so first I would like to state that I do not usually like big name authors, because most of their books are a very low reading level, but I enjoyed these a lot! I read the first three, then found out that there was a fourth! Of course, after reading that one, I found out that there was ANOTHER one. I was wondering if it was ever going to end! Anyway, I really enjoyed this series, even though I don’t really like fantasy at all.

Okay for Now- This book was AMAZING. My English teacher said that is was a very good book, and I read it after she did. It’s about a trouble-making boy with a messed up little family that takes place right after they move to a new town.The story is of how Doug, the little boy, makes his way to the top by befriending many of the towns civilians while the Vietnam War is at large. I am now reading the second book, that is timed to be the year after the other one, just in a different point of view with a different story.

Numbers- I can not even entirely describe how much hatred I have for this book. It is in the point of view of a druggy, teenage, street girl that falls in love with another druggy, teenage street boy. Did I say fall in love? I meant they got together and did unpure things with each other, and (not exaggerating) said the “f” word on EVERY SINGLE PAGE. There were just so many bad words, that I could barely read a sentence without some unnecessary word being put in there. I ended up just abandoning the book, and normally that would make me sad. But with this book, I was glad to put it back on the shelf.

I’m stuck

I was throwing a ball for my dog and I accidentally threw it in my neighbors yard. I have to go all the way around my yard and ALL the way around my neighbors yard to get to it. Well I didn’t feel like walking so I started running. I suddenly felt as if I was on some big adventure, or that I was getting chased by some kind of terrifying monster. Let’s just say that that’s a huge motivator to run faster. I took off sprinting towards my 2nd neighbors yard. Well, a couple of years ago my neighbor cut down this big tree, and every time I pass it, I like to walk over it. Apparently that log didn’t like it so much. I ran, jumped in the air, was bringing my foot down to jump off of the stump, and CRUNCH. I guess a tree stump that’s been dead for a couple of years rots. (Who would have known?) Down my foot went into the dark abyss of the tree stump. Oh yeah and guess what? It’s stuck.


I have new books for you guys!

Gathering Blue– A sequel to the Giver, this book is about a girl in a village born with a disabled leg. She may not be able to participate in the everyday work that people do, but she finds that her talent is in something much different. This book was very good! I am now reading the next book Messenger, and it’s been really good! There are 4 books to this series. (I know that if you have read The Giver then the next book may seem a bit out of order. Don’t worry! My friend says that I’ll understand at the end of the series!)

The Witch and Wizard Series– This is a series of 4 books, all about how Whit and Wisty (they are siblings) discover they have strong magic powers. But how strong are they? This series explains how they learned to control and use their power to fight an evil and powerful wizard. This book series has many twists and turns in it.

Also this book is only 300 pages long and it took me 6 days to read it. 6 days! The book may drag at parts, but no matter what…. KEEP. READING.
This book tells of how a 16 year old girl got kidnapped by an intriguing man that begins to talk to her at a coffee shop, just before a plane ride to somewhere (I forgot!). She wakes up from being drugged in the desert, and the man that kidnaps her is there with her. In this book, there are many exciting parts.

That’s all I can remember of books right now! I will post more when I can!


So I decided that I wanted to give my dog a treat, and as I was pouring myself some vinegar and salt chips, I decided that I was too lazy to go outside and get him a real treat. So being the genius I am, I have him one. Of course my dog trusted to feed him the right thing, so he ate it. BIG. MISTAKE. He stood there, letting the chip rest in his mouth. He still hasn’t moved and it’s been about 7 minutes. I know now that my dog will no longer trust me.

The Fake Car

It was a warm sunny Sunday. My family was meeting at my aunt Missy’s house for a cookout. All of the little kids were going outside I play on the swing set in my aunts backyard. My little sister Katherine and I went exploring because let’s be honest, that rusty old swing set was no fun to any adventurous little 6 year olds. So my little sis and I were looking around, and we found a little blue car. Some facts about the car;
-it was ONLY to be used as a decoration. (Too bad we didn’t know that)
-there are no brakes on it
-6 year old girls shouldn’t ride in it
These were some of the things we found out later about the blue car.
As Katherine and I got closer to this cool looking car, we hatched an idea. I grabbed the little car, and dragged it to the top of my aunt’s hill, climbed in the car and got ready to have some fun.

A little fun fact about my aunt’s hill;
– it’s pretty much a ninety degree angle
– there’s a highway at the bottom
-the entire hill is made of rocks

I have no idea what I was thinking when I told Katherine to push. I began to roll down the hill; slow at first but starting to pick up speed. As I got closer and closer towards the bottom, I forgot that my genius plan had one crucial flaw; I couldn’t stop. When I was that age, I had watch cartoons where if the character wanted to stop, they would throw their feet out in front of them and the traction would stop them. Simple physics right? I decided that I would stop that way. That was a mistake. I threw one foot down (the car didn’t have a floor. Just a seat) and the entire car flipped, throwing me out onto the rocks. Let’s just say that in the end I learned the difference between having fun and being stupid

Dissection Day

This day was like any other day. Since it was close to the end of the year, my teacher decided that it would be fun to dissect frogs. (I don’t disagree. It was really fun!) What she didn’t realize, is that some kids get sick when they see an animal being cut open, and some kids get SICK when they see an animal get cut open. I would figure she thought that it wouldn’t be bad enough for someone to throw up over. She was wrong. Here is MY part of the story. It was a normal day of school. I was just getting out of first period (math) which is right by the girls bathroom. My science teacher’s room is across the hallway. I was just walking out of math class, when a sickly looking child crosses my path. Right as I was about to walk across the hall, BLETCH!!! The school pest throws up 2 inches away from me. Am I glad I wasn’t ANY closer, or I would have thrown up everywhere. My last thought of this story, “gross”.

Movie review: Divergent

4 out of 5 stars
This movie related a lot to the book, but the actors they chose didn’t always reflect the books characters. Example: Tris is supposed to be short. She has situations that reflect the fact that she is short. Also her friend Christina is supposed to be tall. She has advantages because she is tall. The fact that they switched them really bothered me. The movie also seemed rushed a little, but if you’ve read the book it probably just seems that way. One other thing that disappointed
me was that when I watched the movie, I noticed that karli was a little confused in parts, and I had to fill her in. (She hasn’t read the book.) There are some things that karli ad I didn’t exactly love, but there were things we liked too. We liked Tobias and Tris’ relationship. I think that. The way she kept trying over and over to get closer was cute. And the fact that there wasn’t any obscene clips in the movie was good. We also liked all if the action. I personally liked the high tech stuff in the movie- the different guns and training technology. We also liked how a lot of the characters died hero’s.

The Wagon

When karli and I were younger, we used to ride in this little black wagon that our grandma had. Well as we got older we wondered why we had stopped using the wagon. Those are the kind of questions that lead to stupid ideas. Of course at the time it sounded like a great idea. We would use the wagon just like the good old times. We dragged the wagon to the topped of her 91 degree angle of a hill, and we loaded up. Helmets might of been smart. But all we could think about was riding down that hill in victory that really we hadn’t grown up, and we could still do things that we had done when we were toddlers. We were wrong. As soon as the wagon began rolling down the hill, we forgot to think about one crucial thing; how we would stop. We began picking up speed. 20 miles an hour, 50 miles an hour. And I’m pretty darn we reached 90, because that’s when the wagon started to tilt. That’s right, tilt. Side to side we began thrashing like a piñata at a birthday party. We hurtled toward the bottom of the hill like a rocket. As fast as our adventure had begun , it ended. We had hit a rock and flipped. Our bodies twisted in unimaginable positions as we toppled over each other down the hill. CRASH!! We had slammed into a tree, and had stopped rolling. Luckily nothing had broken, but we learned a very valuable lesson that day; the past is the past, and sometimes you just have to move on.

The Ankle

It was a nice, sunny day outside. Too bad I had to spend it in gym class. That’s right, gym class. Just saying those words gives me goose bumps. That fateful day we were learning how to play bad mitten. … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Purge

I would first like to start this by telling you how much I 💖LOVE💖 scary movies. I live and breathe them, and Karli is pretty much the same way. Now, before I share my opinion about this you should know that karli is usually the one that watches all of the movies, so I usually don’t do this. If I was to give this movie a rate of 1-10, I would give it a 3. This movie is supposed to be about a crazy new law that allows people to break any law they like without getting in trouble. But instead of it being about people killing each other and robbing banks, it’s about a rich family with security gates living in a nice neighborhood. This is what I didn’t understand. I thought that this movie was about people on the streets running for their lives. Instead a kid lets a random person in his house, and then the person disappears for pretty much the entire movie except for the end. There is barely any action until the end, and that really disappointed me. I will say that the whole idea of this movie was great, but the movie itself was not what I expected. But I AM PSYCHED for the purge anarchy!!! I think that the second movie should have been the plot for the first.

1 out of 5 stars